Youth Empowerment Gym Programme

16th August 2016

As part of the Food Bank’s goal to make an impact in the society, a state of the art (well almost J) gym facility is currently being set up in partnership with Box-Up Crime (an academy aimed at motivating and influencing people to transform their dream into reality).

With its completion date slated for sometime in November, this is a very exciting project for the food bank as it is aimed to:

Serve as training centre for youth that would like to take up a career in fitness as fitness coaches, Instructors etc.

To serve as an inspiration/ recreation centre for youths , training both their minds and body
Give the unemployed a chance to stay keep fit and stay in shape as this a completely free service
The main activities for the youth gym recreation would include boxing sessions (both training and fun challenges), talk shows and interactive sessions to inspire youth in fitness campaigns and the likes.

The gym activities would start off with two days a week of training / activities and One day of the
I’d say exciting times are here for the youth in barking and its surroundings and we at the food bank are super excited as we count down to the reality of this great cause.

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