About our foodbank

What We Do

We believe every one is created equal and we act in ways that respect the dignity, uniqueness and diversity of all.

When Barking Foodbank began in 2012, our approach was basic: non-perishable food items donated were sorted and stored by volunteers; frontline care professionals identify people in need and issue them with a foodbank voucher and; ‘clients’ bring their voucher to the centre where it is redeemed for a 3-day emergency food parcel. By listening to and valuing both formal and informal feedback from our service users, and the greater community, we are constantly adjusting to their needs, leveraging our volunteers and donations more efficiently and working towards long-term meaningful solutions to poverty. Hope Family is the product of our response to these needs.

Hope Family is the expanded foodbank project encompassing:

  • Barking Foodbank—This is the core service which have proven crucial in recent years.
  • Kitchen Services—provision of a kitchen for the homeless and those in temporary accommodation to cook their food rather than rely on fast foods.
  • Back-to –Work Project—We are partnering with YOURS(??) to provide skills development and work experience to individuals in long term unemployment.
  • Clothes Bank—Clothes, shoes, and bric-a-brac donated by the public are restored and merchandised at a nominal price.

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